Problem with uploading pictures to my blog post!

Hello I am using one of your free templates called “ESCAPE”… I been cleaning up the template to create my own finance website, but use the template as base - with all the functions that it has.

For the moment I’m stuck… I got stuck in the “Blog post section” This is a section pre-added by the template developer and it contained XYZ amount of blog posts. All with the same blog post copied into it…
Text, header, header picture, and a content image, which in this case is a picture of a “tea container” (See the image)

So I been looking thru your starter videos and I got a hang on how the CMS-platform works, but what i Don’t understand is how i replace the tea picture. In your videos you always just copy and paste this “blog post” from some sort of “office” program. And When I try to do the same I only receive a bounce of chaotic codes. The text from words comes in, but not the new picture that I want to replace the old one with… (see the picture)

If i highlight the picture inside the web editor, I can delete it and place it on different locations in the blogpost, but what I can’t do is to upload another image like I do now when i write this post to you…

Please help me with this big issue of mine, So I can keep on building my website!

Hi @Calle_Baumgarten it looks like you’re using something like Microsoft Word to copy/paste your content in. Have you tried copying just the text in first then uploading your images after?

Also, please share your read-only link so we can take a closer look :smile:

thanks in advance

But hey… I can’t even upload a picture. The function “upload” does not exist if I highlight the picture… I would never ever just copy paste a picture in if I could upload it … But the function, as I said before - maybe I didn’t state it here. But IT DOESNT EXSIT!

hehehe :wink:

interesting… can you share your read-only link please? it’ll help us take a closer look.

Hi Calle,

To find the ‘upload image’ button in rich text fields do the following

  1. Move the text caret to the end of a line and hit “ENTER” When the caret is on a new empty line you should see the “+” toolbar like this:
  2. Click on the “+” button and it will expand to show you the “Add Toolbar” like this:

from left to right those buttons are for:
Upload Image”, “Add Video Embed”, “Insert Unordered List”, and “Insert Ordered List
3. click on the “Upload Image” button and you’ll be able to choose an image on your computer to upload.


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