Problem with third party music player

Hi everyone,

I’m quite new here and just recently finished my website. I’m a composer so I wanted a website that plays music. But I don’t like the look of an embedded Soundcloud player (ruins my design :P) so I went ahead and bought a third party music player. Since no one seems to be asking/ talking about an embedded music player the information on this area is really sparse.

Now, the problem I’m having is that the player can’t pause the music. It just stops for a millisecond then starts playing again. I’ve tried on both Safari and Chrome with the same result. I talked to the author of the app and he says that there’s probably something that’s interfering with the jQuery script. And that’s basically where my knowledge on this stops. I have no idea what to do now and how to solve this. So, if anyone have the time or the knowledge to help me I would be forever grateful!

The console in Safari dosen’t say anything is wrong. On Chrome however, this shows:

Don’t know is this has anything to do with anything.

You can have a look at the website here.
And the webflow site here (without the music player though)


You load jquery twice (Remove the jquery CDN from your code). Webflow sites already have jquery included

Must of the time loading jquery twice will cause bugs.
Change this and tell if the problem solve.

Anyway its hard to solve this without the plugin API - you also can open a ticket on codecanyon

<script src=""></script>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

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Check in the API how to play one song only in same time (If the user play song1 - than click on song2 - song1 should stop, otherwise you get loud mix song)
See docs example: Light Music and Radio Player Preview - CodeCanyon

Thanks so much for your reply! Such a helpful answer! :smiley:

Unfortunately it didn’t solve my issue, it’s still not pausing as it should.

Here’s a new link to the updated website.

Hi @Ted_Wennerstrom. Did you make any progress with this? I’m having the same issue as you in terms of not liking the look of the soundcloud embeddable player, and looking for alternatives that work with webflow.