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Problem with the Navbar on Mobile and horizontal


I seem to have a problem which I cannot visualize and solve on the Editor.
The navbar on Iphone Safari browser seems to have a padding around it.
I also tried Chrome Inspector tools but there it is visualized properly.
All the pages where I have applied the Navbar have the same problem.
By browsing it on mobile you can see it
I have also uploaded a screenshot here:

I am desperate, It has been two days I’m trying to solve this issue that seems more like a bug?!

Many thanks for your help,


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey @micheleprni, this is very odd behaviour!

I have been able to replicate your problem. On Google Chrome (desktop and mobile), the navbar appears fine.

But on Safari (desktop as well as mobile), there seems to be a large amount of top-padding on your Navbar (see attached screenshot).

Have you reported this to Webflow support?

Hey Oli, I forgot to say it! Yes it also happens on Safari, you are right.
The only problem is that Safari doesnt’ have any inspector and therefore I am not able to understand what cause it.
Positioning seems fine on Chrome.

I have not yet communicate it to Webflow support, what do you think I should do?

SOLVED: The “Brand” component of the Navbar was set to align “Stretch”. I changed it to align “Center” and the problem was solved. In any case, the behaviour seems strange.