Problem with text wiggling and scrolling animation

Hello everyone! I created a website with animations when scrolling. My goal is to keep text centered, but when I do scroll, the text wiggles in the center (I tried with smoothing at 0% and 50% and I have the same problem).

Here is the link (to be seen on a computer):

You can see the read-only link here:

Thanks very much for your help!!

Hey there @Augustindb !

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community.

When I view the site, I am not able to see any kind of text wiggling while scrolling in chrome. Would it be possible to send a screen recording of what this looks like on your end?

Let me know, and I would be more than happy to continue helping out here.

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Assuming you didn’t mean to tag me, @RileyJones?

Hello @RileyJones, here is a video showing the problem:

Thanks for the video.

I did take a quick look at the interactions and the video provided and I can see that it’s not smooth.

I would try taking a different approach here that I think would solve the issues, instead of having one wrapper with 1000vh I would break them up in smaller chunks. The black one for example if that is set to say 200vh it will not flicker like it does now.

Here’s an example:

My example does not have any interactions and the text is set to sticky but as you can see the black section does not flicker. All sections have a 200vh height.

​I hope it was helpful.