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Problem with text into div with flex into container

Hello !!

I’m sure what I’m trying to do is simple but…

In my projects pages, I have to blocks of text side by side

I would like that the one to the left be 100 % width so it appears not cropped and the one to the right be at 100 px from the left one.

I have tried many things but don’t find what i’m looking for…

Thank you so much for your help :-):blush:


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Bonjour @Lisa_Laprade,

An option would be to change the ‘Flex Basis’ setting to 100% on the ‘detail projet’ element, and you wouldn’t need the padding on the ‘resume projet’ element for your visual spacing.

Looks like this:

You could make the ‘Basis’ setting anything you want to achieve your desired visual result.

Here are the settings:

Hope that helps.

Hello KNK,

Thank you so much for your help but the resume project will be to narrow…

It works with some projects but not for all.

Do you have any ideas ?

Hi Lisa,

The other option is to define a %age width for each element ‘Detail’ and ‘Resume’.

I had a play around with different ratios and found 30-70 to be a good mix.

You can make the %age width anything you want to get your preferred look.

Remember that you’ll need to remove the 100% Flex basis width from the ‘detail projet’ div (previous change in the settings.)

See how that works for you.

It works perfect !!!

Tahnk you so much :slight_smile:

Hi Lisa,

Great stuff. Glad I could help.