Problem with tab interaction

Hello, I’m using a tab interaction on this section:, and I want the active tab to behave like the hover state, but for some reason it doesn’t.
This is my read-only link:

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Hi Naama,

I can’t see any hover state on your tabs neither on your active object,
What do you want to happen?


Hi @lucasolsson, this is the section i’m referring to:
each one of these squares is a tab and has an hover state.
At the moment, when one of these squares is clicked, it’s doing it’s interaction, but the square itself is supposed to remain the same as it is in hover state and that’s why I added a tab interaction, but it’s not working.


it seems like your read-only link doesn’t work can you update so i can take a look :slight_smile:


@lucasolsson I understand now that there’s a conflict between the hover and the active states, but I don’t know how to solve it.

@Naama I’m not sure but you can you try to make a copy of a new active tab animation that has no transition on your current object… with that said just delete this 23
and make it a try!