Problem with styling in Anagram template

I have some styling issues in Anagram template.

  1. “Read more” copy on hover on my projects. I want to change this copy.
  2. Change the blue boarder on links to another color than the pre chosen one.
  3. Change color on mobile menu background!

Here is my site:

I am grateful for your help!!
Best / Linnéa


To edit the learn more copy change this elements display setting from “none” to “flex” temporarily:


That will show the element and then you can double click and change the contents.

The border color on the links is found on this class:


You can simply change the bottom border color:


Mobile background color is being applied on this class:


Just update the background color:


Hope this helps,


Oh thank you sam-g!
However, webflow looks different to me now. I can’t reach the classes.

Do you know where to reach it?

Hit “z” on your keyboard to get the navigator and “s” for the style panel.

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Great!!! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

@Linnea_Lindstrom no problem, if you mark one of my comments as the solution it will close the topic, just an FYI.