Problem with slider component inside of dropdown component

Hallo Webflowers!

I try to animate dropdown menu and its icon when dropdown opens or closes. Everything is working fine until I insert a slider component into the dropdown component. In my share link you can see two dropdown examples. In yellow one you can see problems which is caused by slider placed inside of dropdown. Inside of first dropdown of yellow example I removed slider, so you can see that animation of icon “+” works fine. Inside second dropdown of yellow example I use slider component only with a one slide and you can see the icon doesn’t work correctly now. Inside of a last yellow dropdown is a slider with a two slides and now everything is bad (icon, dropdown animation)
I need to create dropdown menu which will work like a green one, but with using slider components with more than one slides.
Please, could somebody help me how to achieve that? (Sorry for my english)

Thanks a lot.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hello Rachel,
thanks for your respond. Is it possible to help me directly in this thread, please? I think, it is better because of other users, that’s the point of the forum. And also because of my english I prefer writed asisstance :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

Really nobody is here to know help me?