Problem with Site hierarchy: MainPage/Folder/Page1.html

Hello, Webflow community!

I’ve got the e-commerce site and the problem with site hierarchy that Webflow offers.

Now I’ve got hierarchy like:
MainPage/Folder/Page1.html and so on.

The question is: “Can I make a Folder to be a Page?” Because such kind of hierarchy has 2 problems:

  1. URL-length and hierarchy is crucial factor for SEO ranking.
    Site with a structure like MainPage/Product-Catalogue/Product-1.html will be better ranked than site like MainPage/Folder/Product-Catalogue/Product-1.html
  2. If user navigates through site using URL-address panel and will try to make 1-step back to MainPage/Folder/ this page would not exist and 404-page will be shown.

Have you got any solutions?

Thank you!

You can actually make a page that has the same name as your folder. Does that solve your problem?


Thanks, that works! :tada:

Георгий, привет! Как ты решил вопрос с установкой целей в Яндекс Метрике? Не могу разобраться.

В секцию “Custom Code>Footer Code” нужно прописать такой код (для Yandex.Metrika и Universal Analytics от Google; мой пример):

  $(document).ready(function() {
    $('#сallback-submit-button').on('click', function() {
      ga('send', 'event', 'form_confirmation', 'push_callback_button', 'reachgoal');
			return true;

А что из этого переменные? Ты можешь дать ссылку на webflow проект чтобы я понял что и где мне указывать? Спасибо!

It would be great if you could keep conversations in English. Others might face the same problems as you :smile: