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Problem With Safari and Mozzila Responsivenes


I am having huge problems with my Safari + Mozzila responsiveness.

Since they have about 20% of browser market share, or even more - it’s really important for me to work properly in those browsers.

On the home page here is how icons are supposed to look like:

Here’s how they look in safari:

Here’s how they look in safari mobile:

And the text not being centered in safari mobile:

Also the problems in safari mobile with the pricing page:

Here’s how pricing looks on desktop - chrone:

Here are my problems with Mozzila:

Here’s how it’s supposed to look like :

Here’s how it actually looks like on Mozzila:

Another example how it’s supposed to look like:

How it actually looks like:

Regarding problems with mobile -Nelson told me to add: Blocks in mobile breakpoints, but I don’t know how to do that - and couldn’t find anywhere.

I saw a guide on how to fix it but it requires safari - since I am working on Windows and don’t have Safari - is there another solution?

Does anyone have solutions for Safari and Mozzila problems? Anything that can make this look good?

Thanks in advance for any response :))

Read - Only link:

Site link:

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