Problem with responsiveness of the whole site on mobile

I have a problem with responsiveness on mobile.
The view is kind of shrinking, it’s moving horizontally as well, and it doesn’t adjust to the width of the screen (but only just on these small mobile widths). Normally you can move the page to the left and you can see a white background.
Does anyone know where the error is?

The problem is after publishing.

Here is my site Read-Only: [[[LINK]]]1
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I think the overflow might be caused by the fixed width you have applied on the Image 2 class. Try setting the width and height to Auto on the mobile landscape breakpoint and see if that works.

Tnx. Unfortunately, it didn’t help.
It looks like a whole body problem.
I checked on mobile. In landscape view it is ok, no problem, nothing can be moved or shrunk.
The problem only occurs in portrait mobile.

Here is my site Read-Only: [[[[LINK]] ]

Hi @Katarzyna_Kosiak :wave: The problem is in Right Margin for this image in Hero section:


Thanks very much!!

It works!