Problem with overlay scroll

Hi there!

I’m currently creating a portfolio for myself and I’m having some trouble with a “projects overlay”, and i’ve got three issues.

First issue:

If you scroll down to Projects on the website and press one of them, the overlay opens and the scroll works. But on the live page I get two scrollbars on the right side(Imgur: The magic of the Internet), and when I try to scroll it’s like i’m scrolling on the page beneath. You can manually scroll using the mouse and drag, but that’s not what I’m looking for. I want to scroll on the overlay. Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

Second and third issue:

I’ve created a horizontal scroll which works in the preview mode in Webflow, but it doesn’t work on the live page. The horizontal section starts with the text “the result” and the scroll just get stuck there on the live page. How can I resolve this? The third issue is that the vertical scroll seems to lag alot in the preview mode, but that might fix itself once it the horizontal scroll works on the live page.

(You might have to switch in and out from the preview mode in order for the overlay to work for some reason)

Thanks in advance!

[1]: http://