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Problem with Overflows - Content should move the section below according to its height

Hi everyone,

I am having problems with some content overflowing and not moving the section below. I have not been able to fix this, although I do not understand why not. It does not really look too complicated, but somehow I must have an issue thinking properly ;-(

Please check my read only link. On the home page right at the bottom I am having the issue. In the section ‘sec Weingut des Monats’ I have a cms collection featuring the winery of the month. The description-text-length of the wineries is very much differing from each other - some only a couple of lines text, some have really many lines of text.

Depending on the length, the section below (‘Footer’) should move down accordingly. Currently it is overflown by the content from above.

Where am I going wrong?

Many thanks for taking a look and kind regards from Bremen, Germany,


Here is my site Read-Only:

Your div WgdM Content Wrapper should not be set to absolute. This causes the overflow.

Good morning, Alex.

Thanks for your reply. I did try that, but I am still unable to position the ‘div WgdM Content Wrapper’ in such a way as it is now. It should start in the lower part of the parent div (‘div WgdM Overlay’) to still show the picture, but should move the following ‘Footer’ down.

I still don’t understand why I don’t get this working :frowning:


Why are you using background image on that section thought? Just put in regular image so that it will be in the flow of objects and you won’t have to manually adjust other elements positions to reveal it.

… You never stop learning …

Thanks, that worked! :+1:t2:

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