Problem with navigation menu from cloned template

Hi all, I’m new to Webflow, I want to build a simple website to show my future customers
what I can do for them (3d stuffs, VR stuffs, 360° panotours, etc.)
I started yesterday to edit the very cool template I cloned from Miss Olga Vakhromeeva
Thanks to her to let beginners on Webflow like me, use and edit her project.
I’m having a problem with the Nav menu on the left, if you scroll down to services section, or click on the services button, the Nav menu is moving down…
there’s also a problem with my logo when you look at the phone version, I guess I’m missing something with positioning it and the Nav menu.
Can you help me, and tell me me where I did wrong ?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hello @Stephane_Rolland,

Wellcome to the community. So I look at your website briefly and could not find why it was doing that jump. However, I was able to fix it. So to fix it select your Nav Menu div and give it a position absolute, then select the option for full screen and give it a top value of about 33%, you can change that value to whatever you like, and that is it, that should fix the jump. Let me know how it goes.

Thanks a lot @Pablo_Cortes , I found the solution just before reading your answer
and ended up with the same solution, thanks again

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