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Problem with Nav Bar

I have set all my menus up with a dropdown menu, tweaked them for media queries, in Design mode everything is set perfectly. In preview and publish mode it’s broken as thh open menu has moved. This occurs on all open ‘hamburger’ menus. I have tried quitting, changing things around etc etc.
see screen grabs:

And here’s a link to have a look at my set up.
Any ideas anyone?
Or has the script got confused and needs resetting in some way…?

Hi @PixelAce, I tested your preview link and I am indeed getting a gap, although much smaller. Does this match the gap that you are currently seeing?


Hi Dan

Thanks for responding. I ditched them and rebuilt from scratch and it is working now. I didn’t work out what went wrong. What I have worked out with web work is that if everything is set up correctly and it still doesn’t work, don’t waste time, ditch it and re-do it. Nine times out of ten it sorts it out.

All well and good for small things - larger things need you to troubleshoot… :smiley:
Thanks anyway

Hah, very true. It can be helpful to re-think certain HTML layouts a second time.

Glad it worked out! :thumbsup: