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Problem with Mobile Layout

Hello everyone,

I am starting with webflow to create my first website.
I am trying to follow the instructions but the mobile version of my website looks really REAALLLY messy and I do not know how to sort it out ! Everything is upside-down ! Should i rebuild my pages again ? :weary:

my read only link is :

the published link is :

The website is still pretty basic but If you have any suggestions to make it nicer I am in !!

I will upgrade it as soon as I understand how to do that !

thanks for your help

here are some exemples


mobile :


mobile :

Hi @bena :grinning:
I took a look at your website. You have a lot of messy positionings, negative margins and huge paddings that are messing up your layout (desktop included; the page has horizontal scroll). There is a lot to fix…
I really think you should watch the tutorials that were recently released, specially about positioning and the box model; it will help you a lot understanding the basics:

I would also advise you to remove all the properties that you applied to the body, except the background color and use absolute positioning sparingly, only if needed.
I also noticed your homepage is not loading on top, so you should remove “autofocus” from your form text field.

thank you @Filipa for your answer ! I will watch them and do it :slight_smile: I do appreciate your help

Have a nice day

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