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Problem with LIVE SITE

Hello I added my .com address to webflow ip, but when I type on the address bar: it’s giving this

This Webflow page doesn’t exist!!!

when I just type it works fine how can I fix this?

Your domain might be directed directly (!) to your address rather than dns. This error is common if you type:

instead of


I talked to my domain company and they are telling me that my domain is pointing at your ip, the www is doing that too

I have checked here what’s my dns

and it looks like it’s working fine but when I go to

I get this

This Webflow page doesn’t exist!!!

can you please let me know how to fix this I need this site working asap.

thank you

@Kiku sorry about the issue you’re running into. We’re making it so WWW will also work. We’re aiming to fix this today.

Thank you so much , Please let me know as soon as you can when its fixed.

What you can do is add another custom domain, but with the “www”. So if you already added, now add as a custom domain as well.

I did that and now “www” it works fine and it has my last version of the website. but the it’s in the older version, it’s not geting the updates.

in the domain section the www. it’s first place and .com the second but still I don’t get why is this happing.

Thank you for your reply

Ok now it works fine it just need it some time.

I just got the same problem when clicking on your PDF resume.

Good job by the way !
From Montreal

Thank you, wll the pdf is not online so that is why it’s not working…the site is not live for the public yet :smiley:

you’re welcome ! _____________