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Problem with lightbox in incredible template

Not all of my images will enlarge in the gallery. I can’t see any differences between the settings for those and the settings for those that work. Also the cursor doesn’t change to a hand when hovering over the thumbnails (though sometimes does). Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Here’s the site:

Now they all seem to be working, and I didn’t change anything.

But I’m still having issues with the cursor not changing.

Can you please provide a screencast of what you are experiencing? I could not find any errors with the cursor not changing.

Also please provide the browser you are using and its version.


When you click on one of the thumbnails at first the cursor will change to a hand. Then the next time you try after clicking out of the enlarged views, it’s no longer there and remains an arrow.

It’s that way on three different computers of mine.


On my computer (iMac 4K) all works well as expected on Safari.

This might be though because the site might be to large of a size. The images used are a very large size and when I scroll down the website freezes up occasionally.

I would recommend making the images a smaller file size.

I thought there was a new feature that takes care of resizing images. Or do I need to do something to enable it?