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Problem with JSON file uploading to webflow correctly

Hey forum,

I’ve built the attached animation, and according to the html file the Bodymovin file generated, it should have exported correctly with background colors and expressions… but when I upload it to Webflow it has this blurry transparency-looking background and some of the layers seem to have disappeared. Anyone have this problem/know a fix??

I’m also hoping yall can give me some pointers on how to set it up so that it’s sticky for 3 folds, and the scroll affects the animation while scrolling. Right now the animation seems to start in the middle and doesn’t reach the end while in view? Even after setting the parameters in the lottie “while scrolling” animation. The tutorials made it look so easy but it doesn’t seem to translate for me!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - 2020 MC Impact Report