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Problem with interactions with overlapping elements

Hello, everyone!

I have been trying to implement this little browser for my company’s plugins. It’s my first time using the IX 2.0 and I am a bit lost. I was able to figure out most of the interactions but I encountered a problem that I just can’t figure out!

I made a video demoing the issue:

As you can see, everything works fine. The side welcome text hides and shows the product whenever I hover any product. Except when I hover from the pink circle to the green one. When I go around with my mouse without overlapping it works fine like the rest but when I go from circle to circle like that the welcome text stays on top.

I don’t know what to do! :frowning: - thank you so much for your time!

My share link:

Hey @Alejandro_Hernandez

The share link is not longer working. Please try sharing it again for the community. Thanks in advance.

Thank you for letting me know Matthew! Not sure how that happened but here it is again:

I am still struggling with this, by the way :frowning: - I tried all night but could not figure out any way.

Thanks for your time!

Hey @Alejandro_Hernandez,

I was trying to figure out whats causing the bug, but not find it yet. But one thing that I found really hard to maintain is the fact that you have several different interactions to do the same thing: hiding the welcome-wrapper. The initial display of the welcome-wrapperalso is display: flexand on the interactions on hover out you are setting it to display: block.

I think you first should create a individual interaction to show/hide the welcome-wrapperand apply it on hover in/out on every element, and apply the other interactions on them in parallel, the same way you used the Bright on Hover together with the Show Pretty.

It never even crossed my mind doing it individually! haha. Thank you so much for taking time to look into this. I am going to apply this and let you know the results!

@gilson Hey, Gilson!

I changed and added the show welcome div on hover like you said:

I still have the same issue though. Now it seems to happen randomly. Sometimes it hides on time, sometimes it just stays there.

I made a video: