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Problem With Interactions On Collections Templates

Hello all,

I have a site that has a background div in the nav named “nav_transparency.” It’s initially transparent and when the page scrolls an interaction called “nav bg opacity” kicks in to bring the div’s opacity up so the navigation remains visible. It works fine on all of the pages except the ones that contain dynamic content. On the “Resources” page which contains dynamic content and on the Resources Template (collection page). The interaction won’t work.

I’ve tried renaming the div but that didn’t help. Any ideas out there?

Here’s the site:

Hello, @heyward!

On the Resource page and Resources Template you have nothing that would trigger this interaction to work. Currently, on the other pages you are using the first header in the content area and interaction “content nav opacity” for showing that background.
Use the same method on the Resource page and Resources Template and everything will work fine.

Plus it makes no sense to set interaction “nav bg opacity” to navbar itself since it is not moving.

So, it is not a bug and I will move this topic to “Design help category”


Hi Anna,

Sorry about that. I clearly lost my mind yesterday and didn’t see what was right in front of me (happens when I’m stressed). Thanks for pointing it out.

Have a great day!


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