Problem with in-page Menu links - VERY weird behaviour! can you solve it?


I used a template for a job which i normally never do & there’s a problem with it.

the menu links to in-page Sections (except testimonials which opens a new page).

each page Section has a short little blue line at the section top and that blue line should exactly line up with the bottom of the Navbar when you jump via the menu to a section

In the editor it works 100% in preview mode as expected in all views, desktop, tablet & mobile

BUT, publish the thing & it all goes wrong!

On mobile it works 100% with the hamburger menu - ok fine

Weirdly on tablet it works 100% with either the trad’ menu in landscape or in portrait mode with the hamburger menu

But on desktop with the traditional menu in ALL browsers it always jumps down or up the page too far by exactly 140 pixels - i know it’s 140 pixels by setting up a test.

why on earth would it work on tablet landscape with the trad menu 100% but not on desktop?

anyone suggest a fix cos it’s driving me absolutely insane (!!!) & the entire job cant go forward until this issue is fixed


Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - MPR)
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Sorry, whoops, my bad…seems to be fixed… it seems like it was chrome holding onto cached site data i think… i checked it in brave & it was ok so flushed chrome’s browsing data & it now seems to work in chrome… dur

what happened to good old Shift/Load to force a browser to reload everything from scratch??