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Problem with image scaling


I’m trying to get an image to scale with scrolling into view but when I select the image and choose scroll as trigger and scale as effect the interaction doesn’t work and I get a warning sign and a message that says "There is no Children or Self Perspective for this element. Transform may not appear to be in a 3D space.

Here is my public share link:

Hi @ericsmusic,

I noticed you are trying to use scale on Z-axis. And this will require setting the 3D transforms on parent element.

Thanks, you’re right !

that wasn’t the right axis, problem solved !!!

But I have another problem if you have the time

I’m trying to style my tab buttons with a tab indicator (little triangle pointing down under the active tab button) even though I did set the trigger for tab close to Display: None, the tab indicator remains visible even when the tab button is inactive.

Any ideas ?


Hi @ericsmusic, make sure to tag @sabanna by pressing the @ symbol and then choosing her name on the list. This way she will get an alert that you have sent a message her way. Thanks! :wink: PS: I tagged her for you this time. :wink::grinning::blush:

Hi @ericsmusic,

Could you, please, check it on published site?

It is one of the known bugs that tabs triggered interaction doesn’t show “Close tab” step in the Designer/ Preview mode, but working fine on published site.


Hi @sabanna ,

You’re right, the tab interactions work fine on published site.

Thank you

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