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Problem with hero BG Image mobile version

I’am new on this forum and not a webdesigner. I do this for hobby to create a blog and my own Websites. My Englis is poor, I am Dutch.

I have the following problem. The background-image in the hero section showes not good on the mobile version on the pages “blogoverzicht” and “blog oktober 2014”. The picture must be the same height as in “over ons”. On desktop/tablet version is it ok.

For you it might be a small problem, for me is it a big one. Can anyone help me?

This is my public link corine blogt

Thank you very much!

Kind regarts, Corine

You could set the height of Hero in pixels so you don’t have a surprise : watch here

Also, the reason why Over ons hero is so high seems to be because of a bug. There’s a 40 px margin top on the second text block but it renders at close to 180… if you update the 40 value you’ll see it shrinking down.

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Thanks @vincent, I go try tomorrow!

Kind regards, Corine