Problem with hamburger icon landscape

Hello community

I’m having two problems with the nav menu. First, i’m working on the nav menu on mobile landscape and came to the problem that the hamburger icon is in front of my content. Is there by any chance you can hide the hamburger icon when the menu is shown and show the hamburger icon again when closing the nav menu (by pressing on the page/section for example)?


Secondly, I have configurered a lottie animation on the hamburger icon. On first click it transforms to the cross, on second click it transforms back to the hamburger icon. But when you click on the body the nav menu also closes and the animation is not triggered. So it shows a cross when it should show the hamburger icon. Can I also configure this click on the body or disable the click on the body? Links are above.

Thanks in advance!

Found the fix for the second problem: Screen Recording 2018-07-13...

The first problem isn’t fixed yet…

The solution to the first problem is by working with a navbar open element trigger in the interactions panel.