Problem with full screen menu on mobile

Hi everyone!
This is my first experience building a website with Webflow.
I have a full screen menu that “enters” through animation from the right side. When you click on “Contact”, another full screen block with my contacts enters always from the right side.
Although everything works well in the preview, when I publish the website a few things do not work properly…

  • on mobile, the burger menu is out of the screen and if i scroll horizontally I see the full screen menu and contact block that should be hidden! I tried putting everything in a div block and set the overflow on “hidden” but nothing changed

  • even on desktop, the animation to close the menu (should be triggered by clicking on the X) does not work

my site: Webflow - towardandinto
I would greatly appreciate any help.
Sorry if I used any wrong terminology.


Hey @chiara9

Your link seems to be broken, can you share another one?