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Problem with form (normal,success,error) styling

We’re having some trouble styling our forms (normal, success, and error) messages. For some reason the (normal, success, and error) messages show differently and have overlapping sections when in formwrap and form divs/sections. Please help us check the styling in on our webflow under “formwrap” “formwrapmain” and “formwrap2”.

here’s the link:

we’re currently testing on Chrome and Safari.

For styling this elements I am usually create simple div, giv it class of error(success) element and styling like I want it. Then delete this div when styling is done.
It is much easier than playing around with generic elements.

Hello, I’m still having a problem with the success message on our form displaying correctly on our navbar. Please assist! :smiley:

Also, what is the difference between the (normal,success,and error) messages that are in the form wrapper, form, success, and or error divs? they don’t seem to be connected, which ones should i be styling?

Hi @Bryan_Trang :smile:

can you try setting the success message to position absolute rather than static?

​Try these steps and let me know if you’re successful.

Hello @PixelGeek,

I tried setting it to static, however the success message is still not showing up after i submit the form from the nav bar.

What if, instead of opening a new form, clicking that button cloud just bring the page back to the top so people can sign up?

i recreated the form and it seems to be working okay now! thanks again @PixelGeek

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