Problem with Flexbox and Browser width

I have 2 problems with using flexboxes on my site.

First. On the “HOME”-site the big image shrink when i minimize my browser window in the height. i do not want that.
Second. on the “KAUFEN”-site the flex items do not behave well when i minimize the browser window in the width.

Can you please help me with that?

Here is my public share link:

One. try this

Two. lower the width of the col content to 22%


First: The image is not responsive. I want that the full height of the image is shown in the browser. when i minimize the browser in some case the head is not shown. Look at the screenshots. It is only important that the full height of startbild.jpg is shown. No matter that there is on the right site only the background color.

Second: for Deskoop view this works…but on mobile portrait there is only shown 1 block instead of 2 blocks when i minimize the width of the browser window.

For 1 you need to set a minimum height for the section then.

For 2, you can adjust the settings of the background for every device.

I make a min height of 100% for the section. But it shrinks the image when i minimize the browser window in the height.

Min height is supposed to be a fixed value. If your mi height is % well there is no min height as the section can shrink forever.

Make a px min height of a height before the picture crops too much.

Thanks! It works :slight_smile:

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