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Problem with Fixed Nav Bar and Nav Wrapper below

Hello there,

i’ve got a problem with my Mega-Nav-Wrapper. In this picture you can see, that i have changed the height of my Nav Menu to 5 vh with start at 7vh from the top.

Now ive got a problem when i want to open the Mega-Nav-Wrapper (Starts at 13 vh from Top) - it’s located to high and get’s over my Nav Menu but it has to be straight below it - see the picture here:

The Problem is, in the designer it looks good but when i go to preview or to the published website: ive got that overflow so i don’t see the nav anymore.

It should look this way when it’s finished:

Would be very nice if somebody could help me with this problem :slight_smile:

Kind regards from Graz, Austria!

Here is my site Read-Only: