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Problem with fixed footer & IE

Dear forum,

I have a problem with a fixed footer: The IE (at least version 11) do not show the footer at the center (instead it is left aligned) Link: The test site. Firefox and Google Chrome are fine :smile:

Here is the link in to the Webflow designer: Webflow Designer :wink:

Can anyone help me to fix this?

Best regards,

Hi, select your footercontainer, and then go to css settings and click and set your position property to ‘auto’ (they will turn blue). Then try that to see if it fixes the problem.


Hey @cyberdave, thanks for your response :smile: I have changed it, as you can see within the Webflow designer (link above). But the IE behavior does not change :frowning: The footer is still aligned to the left…

hmm ok, well another thing you can try is to set the fixed positioning on the footercontainer for left and right to percentages:

Then try that…

I am really not sure if there is some issue with IE or not… Maybe someone else who uses IE more than I do can comment, I was just looking at some things you could try…


Thanks again @cyberdave :smile: With the percentages, it works more or less :wink: Unfortunately, the percentages are interpreted differently so it is impossible to ensure that the footer is centered and has a width = 940px for all browsers…

I decide to make the footer all over the whole width – then I am sure that this will work for all browsers :smiley:

Best regards,

ok… yeah… probably it could be figured out with ie11, perhaps using some kind of modernizer plugin or something… but if you can get it to work in a stable way that works for you then great… :smile: