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Problem with first website


I’m relatively new to webflow and am experiencing some problems with one of the pages I’ve created.

Everything is suddenly constricted to a thin strip on the right hand side of the page. Furthermore my tab at the top (which should appear as a beige horizontal block) appear to have a height of zero even though height is set to auto.

It’s hard to explain as I the pages were previously fine and seem to have changed from nowhere.

Any help would be very appreciated, I’ve liked the site below:


Hey Tom
Can you send the read-only link? HOW TO


Sorry, yeah sure, here it is:

The main problem is on the product page. Like I said I don’t remember changing anything so am not too sure whats happened. Also I’ve just noticed on the gallery section of that page that there was an icon that would appear bottom right of any image hovered over, which has also moved.

I’m a bit lost so any help would be amazing.


Hey Tom
Sorry I forgot about you :sweat_smile:

But I can’t seem to recreate the problems you are having. Can you send a picture of the problem?


No worries David, all fixed now, thank you though.

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