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Problem with extra space added to tags during export


On this website: the export creates links with space in the text.
The strange thing is that this only appears when you visit the links from this page:

From other pages the links are oké.

What’s wrong.


Hi René,

I cannot find your problem, although I see links with a space in between but they are inside your Iframe. That seems logical for the links used.


  1. Don’t forget to change the favicon, now the Webflow favicon is used
  2. As a background with white text, i’d never choose black as a fill color. Rather use rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.85); on the body, and give all elements that you now give “black” a transparent filling.
  3. Thought: since this website is about health, maybe you could invert te colors so it feels more “natural”.

See image:


Thanks for your respons. The problem is strange enough only in the footer menu.
Direct links. In the HTML code you don’t see the space in the link. I know of the dashes in the links with more than one word. But its not in the text but just before the .html?

And seems only to appear after choosing page Agenda. In that page there is a big iFrame.
But this should not make the link change…

Only thing i can think of that for the moment the site is in a sub directory (new).

See screendump.


Thanks for the tips. About the colors, the customer is a bit odd. Tried to convince her for an other design.
But… as you know, sometimes.

For the favicon, the site is not yet live but in a sub directory.

Problem still there though.

The problem with the space isn’t only with the links, it’s with every class. See:

Does the Iframe load any scripts that can affect it?

Hi @onecompany, I am checking into this further :slight_smile:


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