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Problem with dropdown in forms when integrating with Mailchimp

Hey everyone!

I’m trying to post my forms into a Mailchimp list and it works perfectly fine until I add a dropdown to my form. I also have “created” this dropdown in the Mailchimp “List fields and |MERGE| tags” section and named the field in WF like the tag in MC.

After submitting my form I get an error-message that something went wrong.

Any ideas on how I can push my dropdown into Mailchimp? Or does it just not work (fine with me, I’ll find another solution then).

Thanks a bunch!

We’re you ever able to find a solution to this?

You can integrate webflow dropdown in forms with mailchimp by adding the value of each dropdown list item from webflow as field label in the Mailchimp dropdown list item and the name of the webflow form as Merge tag to the whole mailchimp dropdown element.

I’ve roughly outlined the process here:

I hope this is explained in an understandable way. :wink:

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You’re the best! Thanks :slight_smile:

Your’re welcome, sir!

The key was to have my webflow dropdown mapped to just a regular input field in mailchimp - as opposed to trying to create a dropdown in mailchimp. Not sure if that’s been stated, but that’s what worked for me.

With this solution you have only one input field but with the same choises/list you have in your Webflow dropdown. Based on your choise in the webflow form, the field in your mailchimp database will get this value. You can not use a single field in Mailchimp because you need the same references as you used in webflow.

Hey Guys,

Still Haven’t resolved this for me, I’ve tried both ways.

My read only link is here:

I have tried both of these ways - doing it PhillippX’s way and istirton’s way and both have not worked. Both ways say successful completion whne you fill it in but it doesn’t register on my client’s mailchimp.

The “Contact Us” button has a dropdown menu with the products that should be linked up to the mailchimp audience page.

I tried both of your methods:

And thoughts on what I am doing wrong?

For reference here is a screenshot of the Value’s on my dropdown list on WF:

Screenshot 2020-09-24 at 13.03.31