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Problem with custom cursor on video embed

Hi everyone!

I’m new on webflow and this is my first topic. I did not find the solution on the forum so here is my problem:

I’ve created a custom cursor on my CMS site, it works perfectly on all my pages and all my elements. BUT, on my CMS project pages, I have videos from vimeo and when I hover them, my custom cursor gets stuck at the edge of the div and I can see the default cursor even if it has been set to none.

I can’t use my custom cursor because of this problem. So please, do you have any idea or a solution? Maybe a custom code to add somewhere?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Distorsion Films

A huge thanks for your help,

Basically you need to remove the custom cursor (won’t work over an IFrame) when the pointer enters the IFRAME. See → javascript - Hide custom cursor when mouseover on iframe - Stack Overflow

Alternative: You may need to use custom code for the video elements versus the IFRAME that the video element ends up generating via Embedly.

Thank a lot Jeff!

I can try the 1st solution but unfortunately, I don’t know how to use javascript and I’m afraid to made a mistake… Do you have time for explain me ?

For the second solution, same problem, I don’t know which custom code i have to use…

Thanks again for helping me!
(And sorry for my english!)

I choose to provide custom code / development as a billable service for commercial projects. Maybe another forum member will help you implement this. It’s really pretty straight forward. Of course you have an alternative, namely not using a custom cursor.