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Problem with custom code

The background images in my div do not respond to height size when I change device orientation until I refresh the mobile browser. This has never happen before. This issue also happens on the desktop browser when I resize it.

See :

I need support response to this issue. It is stalling my work.

Hi @topelovely, thanks for the post and sorry to hear about the trouble, let me take a look at this, and I will try to see what the issue is.

Can you tell me which page and which element has the background image you are reporting ? I see many pages and many elements, so I am not sure where to look :slight_smile:

Thanks, Dave :slight_smile:

The index page. The elements with image . landingenius-slider

Because it’s not in the background, you embedded an image in the div.

There’s a difference. Make a class for the slider and use the background property if you want an image in the background.

i have a js that converts the image into a background image for the slider in runtime. I have successfully ran this stuff on other webflow site I have built without hassles.

See it here: (Use the developer tool to check and you will see that the image is a background-image for the slider container). You may be wondering why. Web flow limitation of not supporting page css and centralising all css in one file is not practical for CMS, because I will have to be editing the css file every time I export my code. This images will have to dynamically pulled and I can achieve that easy due to reason mentioned earlier.

Well good luck. Seems like this is more of an issue with the JS rather than Webflow.

Yeah. Looked at my js setup again and it is fixed. Thanks for knocking my head.

Anyway, still having this behaviour. Just wish Webflow next release will allow “page css” and the option to “limit pages to export”.

If you’re exporting it why not just add it post export to the page header?

Thanks RickK. I solved it finally by setting the height in px across the sliders.