Problem with Current Class and Smooth Scrolling

As the title goes I can´t make a current class (state) to trigger as well as the smoth scroll between sections.

I want the links to highlight when the target sections are in view. And I would like everything to scroll smothly instead of jumping as is the case now.

At first I thought it could be related with the fact that everything was inside a slider, because that’s the structure that I need to implement for my case. But having read somewhere that webflow doesn´t have an event system to suppport interactions within the slider I made a barebobes copy without it.

However that still refuses to work:

I have no idea what could be wrong at this point. Thank you so much for your help.

Hi Ricardo.

1 - when you have a navbar that fills the screen in height, a link to a section will make the section to stop at the bottom of the navbar, so the targeted section stops just before entering the screen. Fix that by checking this option:

2 - don’t put weird characters in your ID names :wink: Write “one” instead of “1.1”, etc, and your scroll will be as smooth as silk :smile:

Now it’s good to know that you can mess up with ID names to get a straight link to a section without the smooth scroll :smile:

Thank you for your quick reply Vincent.

You did sort it for that example. However I’m runing into more problems as I need it inside a slider divided between two slides that work together- one holding the menu and the other the sections, rotating in pairs. But when I do that it brakes down again.

On onother post I will explain my needs for this project that can be also usefull to other designers to log and showcase their design process. Then people can come up with the the better options to put it together I guess.

Thanks again.

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