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Problem with controlling the scroll speed - move interaction

Hello everyone,

I have a problem regarding the scroll speed of my text div.

My section contains a grid, which contains a lottie animation and a div block with text in it.

To control the speed of the lottie animation the grid has an height of 400vh and the lottie has position sticky. Also the text div has position sticky but I don’t want it to not move at all while the animation is running but to move very slow next to it respectively under it on smaller screens. (on the desktop view you can see what i mean, it is the section with “the tool to expand your experience and digitize your venue”.)

So I used a move interaction to make it scroll slowly. But it is doing something strange (on tablet and above): the slow movement works but only until the around the middle of the text block then the scroll speed goes back to normal. When i reduce the amount of text to only a short paragraph it is scrolling constantly slow.

So it would make sense to me that if I change the move interaction it should fix it, but it doesn’t.

I tried everything (more or less movement, units, hight of the grid, the sticky settings, and everything I could think of) nothing changed anything. I think this bug is in all responsive sizes, but on desktop you don’t really see it, but tablet and above it is getting worse.

Can anybody help me and tell me how i can get a smooth constant slow scroll of the text block. I would be very grateful for everything that could help.

Thank you very much and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link: Webflow - vame

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