Problem with Collection linked to custom Google Map integration

Hi All,

First, thank you in advance.

I have a pre-launch not for profit almost finished.

I am reaching out as I am not a coder myself but want to see if what I am looking for is easy enough to implement without needing to ask my programmer colleague.

  1. I have a collection that allows my client to enter a latitude/longitude for each entry they make to the collection.

  2. This lat/long entry then appears as a marker on a google map I have on the home page.

  3. The marker on the map when clicked, has a pop-up that contains a title, image etc as a pop-up modal on the map that can be clicked to go to the details page of the collection item

I think of the is an About Us page and specifically a grid of team member thumbnails. Instead of a new team member headshot card on the grid, this implementation is a new marker on the map.

Everything is working fine.

What I want to do is allow my client to add multiple (10) lat/long entries for the same collection item.

My client has projects that occur in multiple locations. The idea is to allow them to add all of the locations that project was conducted in. Currently they are 32 or so initiatives in the collection and 32 markers on the map. End result of this addition would produce the scenario where there were still 32 initiative in the collection but 332 markers on the map (assuming they used max amount of 10 locations per initiative).

I have been into the embed element and located the relevant code snippets. I think it’s a plug and play snippet of code from another project, so quite messy.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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