Problem with cloned navbar partly disappearing upwards


I have a problem with a template nav bar, which I wanted to clone to my website. I want to clone the following nav bar: Webflow Website Navbar and Mega Menu - Webflow

When I click on the link above on ‘open in webflow’, I get the read only webflow page. In this page, when you preview the website, the Navbar works as it should. However, when I clone the website, to be able to copy it to my website, and then click on the preview mode, there is sort of an animation. The middle and the right part of the nav bar disappear upwards. You can see it in my read only page, which I provided below. I checked for animations or other settings, however, I can’t find why it provides this animation when the template website is cloned.

Hopefully someone can find is causing the navbar to disappear partly. Thanks in advance

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I have also detected the same problem, I have been cloning projects to do tests and in many cases once you open the project in your workspace they have not been imported correctly, they do not work well. In addition, I have seen cases in which not all the elements are copied and the page not only does not work correctly, but also a large part is missing.

Hopefully we can fix it.