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Problem with carousel slides and change in format of background image


I am using the carousel widget on a home page design, when I create a second carousel slide for some reason the formatting of the second slide changes the display of a background image and I cannot figure out why.

In the image below you can see my slide which is made up of a 2 column row, the left hand column containing an image and the right hand column with a background image of contours and a text block. Without changing any attrributes the contour background image displays fine in the first slide and incorrectly in the second. I am stumped! Any help would be welcome:



Thank you,


All you have to do is

  1. Go to your Carousel Column Text of Slide 2
    (Body->Carousel Section -> Carousel Strip -> Slider -> Mask -> Slide 2 -> Carousel Block -> Carousel Row -> Carousel Column Text)

  2. Go to the styles of the element

  3. Scroll down to Background

  4. Left align the background image present
    (You can do this using the left arrow key in the preset option under the position Tab)

I hope this helps.

Hi TMess,

Thanks for taking the time to look at this, it helps in that the contour is now visible but I am trying to make it match the way it displays on the first carousel slide. You will notice that the contour on the first slide matches up exactly with all the contour lines behind the carousel (with what seems like the same settings on both slides but different results)!


Ok… Set the position to center and size to cover… See if that works…

Hi, thanks for that but actually that is the setting it is already at. We have changed the way we were preparing this artwork to apply the background to the full carousel item rather than 1 column and that is working fine, unclear as to why it didnt work the other way but have to move on!

Thanks for your help.



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