Problem with AMP Implementation

I’m trying to include AMP in the pages of a project. I searched the forum and realize that webiflow still does funcionadalida.

The recommended option is:

I used the default installation code

My doubt is how can I apply this in CMS pages, creating viriavel to the URL of the page dynamic.

You can understand my problem? I want to change the url = http: // by variable accepted by webflow.

this will help a lot in SEO all webflow users.

I’m moving this to the code help section.

Did you figure this out?

It is very easy to do this using Mercury Postlight. Here is what to do:

<link rel="amphtml" href=">

slug is the URL Slug of the post - you can add this by using +add field option in the custom header code section.

Also remember to Google Structured Markup for your pages so it is effectively picked up by Google.

Lastly, make sure you head to Google Search Console and see if these pages are being indexed.

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