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Problem with active link

Hello. I am trying to create a navigation so that the links would be etc. In order to do that my understanding is that I need to put the pages in folders. But I cannot rename in webflow all the files as index.html and when I do it manually, I have to change a few things, which also somehow breaks the menu and the active links.

What is the best way to do that? What am I doing wrong?

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Hello @Angelos

So you want to have your pages in folders? Example

You’re not using Webflow hosting right?

Piter :webflow_heart:

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I use my own hosting.

Yes, my pages go under etc
When I export that, if I want to point to the and not the whole HTML page URL then I need to have the page as index.html in that folder. Which is ok to do manually, but then the menu active links break. I don’t understand why since although they are all named as index.html they are still in different folders.

Why not just doing the linking in Webflow > export > upload to your hosting. For example if I have an about page and team page I will create a folder > about > an place only the team page inside. I will not include the about page.

Maybe I’m missing something :smile:

So on a server if I want to link to my website a short URL:
In order to do that, that tickets folder has to have an index.html otherwise it will return an error

When I name my tickets.html page as index.html page before I import it on the server, the “active” class in the navigation menu shows all the menu items as “Active”. Which is not nice.

If I want to name in webflow all the pages in their respected folders as index, I cannot do that because it exists once.

I have now disabled that function on the website, but I would like to do that properly, which is why I am asking for help here.

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Maybe I’m not the best person to ask about this :smile: But I like to learn and maybe @vincent can help?

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I did a bit more digging. Not sure if thats optimal, but I had to remove all the folders so all my pages are in the home folder. Then I edited the .htaccess file in the server and included there the following code:

Options +MultiViews

What this does is that it looks for the closest page (be it now tickets.html) and then shows it in the link without the extension.

No. in, about is the page, not a folder. .html or.htm is just not displayed. would be a folder and only in that case the browser would try to reach then then etc


Thanks for joining the conv!

So as I suspect the closest to the solution is the .htaccess approach

If you are only going to be exporting content from webflow, why not just name the page you want to be the default index page, default.

After exporting the site, rename all pages named default.html (in child folders) to index.html. Then do a search and replace on all page contents containing default.html and rename to index.html