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Problem with a custom Form Block

I’m building a site splash / registration page. I’ve used the Form Block from Webflow’s ‘Subscribe Form’ template and then attempted to add a Select Field dropdown so that users can identify themselves as one of two categories before hitting the register button.

When testing submitting the email I keep getting the error message. Can someone help?

The form block is currently setup as:

  • Form Block
    –Subscribe Form Flex
    —Select Field
    —Subscribe Form Input Wrapper
    ----Subscribe Form input
    —Submit Button
    –Success Message
    –Error Message


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

@Jack_Donovan, please post your read-only link otherwise this is almost impossible to troubleshoot.

Thanks Sam. Does this work?

@Jack_Donovan - yea, that’s correct. In this screnario I’ll need a link to your published site as well. Sorry, forgot you can’t test a form in preview.

No problem Sam.

Here you go

@Jack_Donovan - Do you have recaptcha enabled?

It looks like you may, but haven’t included the element with your form, hence:


That’s fixed it, thanks Sam!