Problem uploading lottie animation as asset

Hi, so I’m trying to upload this lottie animation to my webflow but it won’t actually load. It looks as if the file was empty, there’s no thumbnail and when I go check, it says there’s no style information associated with it but I exported the file the same way I did another json animation that is working just time

What could I do to fix this?

I never had this error but I had a different one where it said my file was not correct or something (it was some time ago, I don’t really remember).

First thing to try, reload the page and re-upload.

If that fails, upload the lottie in lottiefiles and check if it shows properly. If it does, download it from there and retry.

If neither works, I’m sorry I couldn’t help :slight_smile:

Thank you so much <3 I tried checking out to upload it in lottiefiles but it says I can’t upload anything heavier than 3MB.