Problem to fix navbar

Hi guys!! I’m new here on Webflow and I’m having some problems to fix my navbar. I’ve tryied lots of tutorials and read tons of foruns post, but unfortuntly it’s not working for me.

I dont know if the problem is because I’ve added some interactions to change the background color when I scrolldown the page. I’v tryed the Z index too…

Here is my shared link!!

I would be glad if someone could help me!!

What’s the problem? Looks ok to me.

Hey there @Heraclito_Medeiros

Welcome to Webflow :webflow_heart:

What are you trying to achieve with the navbar, because like @DFink said; looks ok to me.



@MichaelS and @DFink. It is crazy, but for me the navbar is not FIXED (for positioning). When I scroll down the site, the navBar disapears!!

Does it is fixed for you guys?

You can see the problem in the attachment. :wink:
Hope it helps.

Any luck fixing it ?

@Dogukan_Uzak Solved!

Thankyou very much!!

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