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Problem! "This webpage has a redirect loop"

My site ( was set up with a temporary landing page and I was successfully able to direct my godaddy URL to the webflow hosted server. Now for some reason that has stopped working and I keep getting this “This webpage has a redirect loop” page. Not sure why it would work for 2 weeks and then stop. Please help!

Here is the Read Only link…

Hi @eshotsinc, it looks like you may be using some of our old IP addresses for the A Record on your domain.

The new IPs are:

The domain works for me with the old IP’s, but you should still change those to take advantage of the Fastly integration:

Could you change the A Record IP addresses on your domain to the new ones:

After making the update, things should work much better and faster :slight_smile:

​I hope this helps. Cheers, Dave

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