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Problem Re-Using Template 'Legacy Interactions"

Hi Webflow Community.

I’m very new to webflow and learning so much. I have bought a template from Elastic Themes to get me started. I’m trying to reverse engineer the ‘Works Categories Template’ page of the template to not only learn about webflow but also replicate it for an idea I have for my website.

First off is there a way to quickly copy the ‘Works Categories Template’ and change the CMS Collection linked to that page?

Second, I am running into issues with the ‘Legacy Interactions’. Since trying to replicate the ‘Works Categories Template’ page, I’ve found the Interactions are not functioning the same on my ‘Copy Works Categories Template’. I’ve included the link to my webflow at the bottom of the page so please if you can jump in and compare the interactions between the two pages. I dont know why my copy isn’t working the same when I “think” i’ve copied everything the same…

Please help

Here is my public share link:

This is from the paid Template: