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Problem new menu: popup changes while the zoom% is minus 90% for example!

Hello webflow team,
again I tried to make with students an example for animation, and I needed to change the origin. But know one student had a problem with opening the transform popup.µ

Please look to the printscreenvideo

his project:

Can you provide the browser / OS combo you are using when this issue occurs? Without that there is no way to test your condition. Remember to disable browser add-ons when testing.

I tested on my systems and had no issues.

Hey @KarelRosseel82,

From watching your video, it appears as though the browser is zoomed out. Browser zoom has an interesting impact on many measuring APIs. If you reset your zoom level to 1 it should layout according to the expected area.


– Dustan

thx: THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM: zooming out DOES change the habit of the menu!

but why is there not yet a ctrl+shift+zoom possibility into webflow = the same way works! look to

thanks to check out a zoom correct API for webflow!
students and teachers has the problem with beamers that only shows 4:3 screen websitelayout…!
can Webflow staff check this possibility as soon as possible… I train 160 students in Belgium!

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