Problem integrating PayPal


I am trying to add PayPal to Webflow page and get below message, how to solve it?
Grateful for any help!

I’m not familiar with that specific message, but it seems like it’s something within your PayPal account and not on Webflow’s end.

Do you have any notifications in your PayPal dashboard for further verification or additional permissions? I believe PayPal requires that specific conditions are met within your account before you can start accepting payments.

If that’s the case, feel free to post what those might be as it can help other folks here in the community who may run into the same issue :+1:

Thanks for your
comment! Apparently I need to add New third party Permission (see screenshot) but now I don´t know what the username might be and where to find it on webflow? Very confused right now. This is on my PayPal account.