Problem: I had a slideshow but in ipad-modus the slides had different content (all the same picture)

Hello webflow team:

I mentioned dat a slideshow in responsive modus can have different images?? Why is that?

I made a slideshow for a kichtchen en suddenly when I checked my slideshow in Ipad modus the slideimages where all the same (the same image as the first one ‘keuken2’.

What was there the problem from?
=> How is it possible that a slideshow can have different backgroundimages when you only need to go to responsive view of a website… = bug?

Thanks to check this out


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Hi Karel,

the background image doesn´t change. It just appears bigger, because of the ratio of your image slider div. What you have to think about is, to let the image ratio itself manage the size of the slider. So the images are always in the right ratio.


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